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Avoova, located in a small hamlet in the central Karoo in South Africa, is a two year old factory employing approximately 20 local craftsmen and women, who are hand-making mirrors, picture frames, furniture and gift items using ostrich egg mosaic.

Ostrich eggs are crushed by the mother in the wild after the chicks hatch. They are subjected to weathering which enhances their natural color and patina. Thousands of these shards of shattered ostrich eggshell are collected in the wilds of the Karoo, and placed in an individual mosaic which will undergo a series of elaborate processes to protect and enhance their natural color and beauty.

Wooden picture frames and mirror frames are overlaid with the ostrich eggshell mosaic. Picture frames are supplied with adjustable stands for portrait or landscape photographs. Each design is available in several different eggshell and background colors.

The color tones of the ostrich egg shells are cream, white, light tan, tan and brown. They are all natural and vary from one egg to the next. Each mosaic is a totally unique work of art and all color and pattern variations are inherent to its natural beauty and charm.

The background colors available in which the egg shell mosaics are placed are brown, blue, green and grey.